SFS Architecture

Sustainable Design

Downtown KC Federal Building Planning

Kansas City, MO

Feasibility study identifies preferred site alternative for downtown federal lease facility


Determine feasibility of a proposed lease federal facility in downtown Kansas City, MO, to identify a preferred alternative to meet the long-term space and functionality needs of several federal agencies.


The design team evaluated numerous viable site alternatives and facilitated a charrette that provided the client with stacking diagrams, building orientation evaluations and energy analysis studies of each alternative to determine the best viable scenario. Security evaluation criteria included a security setback dimension of 50 feet, entrance security requirements, parking security requirements and a design blast pressure for the multi-tenant building.


SFS generated information for developing the new facility so that the GSA can evaluate a proposed project to meet tenant agency space needs and government-owned facility requirements. Space needs include tenant/rentable space, and a 272-car secured parking garage below the building. The site selected – based on numerous geographic, environmental, security, technical and financial criteria – supports the design of a high performance building that will be capable and consistent with the GSA’s goals for a minimum of LEED Silver certification.