SFS Architecture


John Marshall Co. Offices

Lenexa, KS

Original SFS design adapted to meet needs of new owner, preserving award-winning elements


Adapt one of the firm’s original designs to meet the needs of a new client with different space, functional and aesthetic needs while preserving the building’s award-winning elements.


Having designed the existing building for original owner Opti-Copy, Inc., the SFS team collaborated with new building owner, John Marshall Company, to create a new environment that supported the office furnishing business’s requirements for showroom and office areas.


The redesigned interior established showroom, office and warehouse spaces within the existing footprint, creating flow and flexibility for office function and multiple systems display. Natural light played a pivotal role in incorporating existing skylights into office areas and supplementing it with artificial light for display. The new layout and design provided a sense of place and unity to a varied group with diverse needs and individual functions.

Awards & Publications

Award for Excellence in Architecture, American Institute of Architects - Kansas City

Award for Excellence in Architecture, American Institute of Architects - Central States

Published, Metal Building Review