SFS Architecture


Bishop Miege Chapel Renovation

Roeland Park, KS

Catholic high school chapel renovation creates sacred place for students


Design a renovation of a mid-century Catholic high school chapel that creates a sacred place for students in the midst of a busy and noisy typical school day.


SFS designers worked closely with Bishop Miege High School administrators to develop a design that would accommodate the current and projected student body and allow them to learn through firsthand experience how the physical environment can provide a sense of the sacred and support church rituals.


The renovated entrance provides an immediate quiet to the busy and noisy school day through sound absorbing walls, floor and ceiling. The space’s darkness represents our dying to sin in baptism, while the icons of saints represent the “cloud of witnesses” offering up prayers on our behalf. Upon passing through the darkened entrance, the space explodes in scale and light. A new stained glass window contributes to the room’s liturgical feel, and architect-designed furnishings complete its continuity and sense of the sacred.