SFS Architecture

Public Safety

Belton Fire Station No. 2 & Headquarters

Belton, MO

Fire department facility blends functionality, comfort, severe weather resistance


Design a fire department headquarters and station facility that balances functionality for emergency response and comfort for staff and creates a sense of openness to the community it serves.


Designers worked with Belton fire department leaders to develop a design solution that works within the city’s budgetary needs and incorporates its functional and aesthetic goals.


The new headquarters/station building incorporates specialized features, notably an Emergency Management Facility and Operations Center which is “hardened” to withstand up to 165 mph winds, a training tower and living quarters. The spaces are organized to facilitate speed and clarity in emergency response situations, with quick access from the living quarters to the apparatus bay. Natural light and views open up interior spaces to exterior views, celebrating the space’s unique function and making fire vehicles and staff visually approachable to local residents.

Awards & Publications

Capstone Award for Achievements in Real Estate - Architectural Design,
Kansas City Business Journal