SFS Architecture

Capital Campaign

Christ Lutheran Church and Education Center

Overland Park, KS

Design creates new campus for church’s preschool and elementary education programs


Create a dynamic facility that supports a growing suburban congregation’s education programs for preschool through elementary school children.


SFS worked closely with Christ Lutheran Church leadership and educators to develop a vision for its education facility, including space requirements for different programs and phased delivery.


The new Campus Center for Christ was delivered in three phases: Phase I included an interim sanctuary, administrative offices, and an Early Education Center that houses preschool, extended care and kid’s day out programs. Phase II added kindergarten and lower elementary classrooms, a multipurpose auditorium and school offices. Phase III added a library, more general classrooms and specialty classrooms for art and science. Phase IV provided school offices, classrooms, additional storage and a gathering space with an associated exterior patio.  This phase also connected Phase III and Phase I of the building, completing the first of two planned exterior courtyard spaces outlined in the master plan.