SFS Architecture

  • Christ the King Parish

    Kansas City, MO

    Church master plan yields revitalized worship spaces, campus cohesion within a limited budget


    Create a master plan to unify a church campus’ buildings and functions and revitalize the worship environment to support the ritual life of the parish.


    Our designers collaborated with Kansas City-St. Joseph Archdiocese representatives to identify current building uses and barriers to functionality and create a plan for a cohesive, vibrant church campus.


    The completed renovation included removing an underutilized single-story building and replacing it with a two-story parish and school office/meeting building. A new worship environment was created with an existing space that joins the choir, priest celebrant and congregation as a gathered assembly. A new freestanding altar was placed closer to the congregation, a new entry and gathering space was built, and the church interior was renovated. A skylight was placed directly over the altar, allowing natural light to bathe the entire sanctuary, and a larger Narthex was added to better accommodate fellowship before and after mass and provide overflow seating. To unify the parking and playground functions with the church and school, a traffic circle was added to the previously dividing side street to slow traffic and present a more unified campus.