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Steve Wise

Steve Wise


Steve Wise, SFS Principal, keeps his professional goals simple – and high: “Focus on efficiency, productivity and client satisfaction, and accomplish in eight hours what would take other people 12 hours.” This outlook, combined with exceptional strength in technical development and management of architectural projects, has made Steve an indispensable team member throughout his 20-year career. His expertise in team communication and coordination makes him a natural liaison between project stakeholders and facilitator of successful outcomes. Conscientious about energy and water use, highly organized (a “quirk,” he claims), and skilled at spotting both unique design details and sloppy construction, Steve’s personal goals say as much as his professional ones: “Continue improving myself as a husband, father, son, brother and friend.”


Bachelor of Architecture, Kansas State University, 1991

Recent Projects

KCMO Municipal Courthouse Master Plan and Renovation
GSA Region VI Relocation to 2 Pershing Square
GSA Region VI IDIQ Contracts - Courts
Building Engineering Reports/Physical Condition Assessments for Federal Properties
Wichita U.S. Courthouse
Midwest Public Risk Headquarters
National Park Service IDIQ Contract
Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) IDIQ Contract
FBOP Medical Reference Laboratory
FBOP AUSP Thomson Site and Facility Improvements
Lansing Activity Center Assessment
GSA IDIQ Contract - Specialized Design Services
GSA IDIQ Contracts - A-E Services
2306/2312 E. Bannister Federal Building Master Plan
8930 Ward Parkway Federal Building Master Plan
Legacy Park Amphitheatre